Pencil Works

(except as noted, all works are graphite on paper)

If, after looking at my works on this page, you are interested in having me do a pencil drawing of your favorite person, place, pet, or object, I would be happy to do so. For prices and other information, click HERE
All artwork © Doug Strickland
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"New Nephew"
10" x 8", graphite on bristol
Private Collection


"Sleeping Grandson"
10" x 8", graphite
Private Collection


The Gilchrist Siblings
The Gilchrist Siblings
8" x 10", pencil on paper
private collection


11" x 14", Colored Pencil Portrait
Collection: the Cooke Family


Anniversary Drawing (graphite pencil)
Collection: Cameron Family


Book cover design for author Ann Beasley
pen & ink ©2005


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"Wedding Hands"
graphite pencil 2005, collection: Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Herring
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"Mama's Boy"
Private Collection
Prints available from Artist Rising


Brisard Family Portrait
Collection: Anne Finley


"Miss Pearl" 10"x8"
Colored Pencil
Collection: Eloise Moore


"Little Eloise"
Colored Pencil
Collection: Eloise Moore


Pencil Portrait 8x10
Collection: Frank Correa



"Mother and Her Sons" 11x14
Collection: Shannah Howell



"Jack" ~ 10" x 8"
Collection: Christina Lawton


"Morgan Freeman" ~ 10" x 10"
Collection: the artist


"Baby Brittany"~ Private Collection


Colored Pencil Portrait 18"x24" ~ ~ Private Collection


"The Mountain Man" 10x8 colored pencil
Private Collection


"Erika" 11x14 colored pencil
Private Collection


Colored Pencil Portrait
Private Collection


Ronnie's Toy" (11x14)
Collection: Ronnie Jones


"Jimi Hendrix"


"Play Ball"


*Fronia & Emy*


"V-E Day 1945"


"Madonna as Evita"




"Elwood & Jake"


"Born in the USA"


George Harrison on "Cloud Nine"


"Hawkeye" Collection of the artist

*Paper Tiger*

Collection Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Shore
(graphite on paper)

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