Dan Lee -Portrait Artist

                  OIL PORTRAIT PRICE LIST

All prices are for 16 x 20 inch (min.) 

Head & Shoulders



  If Hands are included add $250 +expenses
  For specific detailed Background add $250 +expenses
  For each pet included add $250 +expenses
  If a Horse is included add $400 +expenses
  If subject is mounted on horse add $600 +expenses


*expenses are determined by distance, travel time, etc.

*additional items and size of canvas may increase cost.

*prices do not include framing or lighting of the portrait. (note), a poorly chosen frame can be degrading to any painting, particularly, a portrait

When a client is ecstatic with the portrait they have commissioned me to do is delivered to become their most treasured and pleasing heirloom, I have reached the goal I set for myself with each portrait painting I undertake.

Synopsis of Commissioning
An Oil Portrait by - Dan Lee

The process is initiated with a meeting with the potential client for dialogue of what he or she wants the portrait to project and that we are compatible with those expectations. I may require a non refundable, non deductible travel expense compensation up front if a meeting takes place beyond a 35 mile radius from my studio in Four Oaks, NC. The portrait process generally requires four meetings or contacts with the client or subject:

1. The initial meeting of expectations, compatibility, and approval of client-artist.

2. The photo session of the subject in appropriate or chosen setting, clothes, pose, and any other elements agreed upon, Having the subject sit for their portrait is my preferred painting method but it is rarely feasible. So I have to rely on photographs for reference. I may use photos the client has but primarily 1 take my own photographs. (Often the first two meetings can be combined, thus hastening the process and lessening the expense).

3. From these photographs and visual notes I will work up a small painting (a very loose sketch or study) closely resembling the finished portrait. This small study in essence becomes the contract once approved for canvas size, portrait interpretation, price agreement, and approximate due date (please note that every portrait I do is unique and not an exact science in regards to a time of completion). This contract to paint the portrait is finalized by the signature of the client on the back of the study and 20% of the agreed price of the portrait is paid to me, Dan Lee, in order to begin the portrait and show faith on the part of the client.

4. The final meeting may require a final sitting of the subject for the purpose of refining any small details or features. The balance (80%) of the agreed price will be due upon delivery of the finished portrait or when both the client and myself are in agreement my efforts have met our expectations.

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